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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Picture Post!

Because I am feeling lazy and haven't written what I'm going to post for this last week yet, here's some pictures I took my first week here!

First view across the Hudson from a park on East End.

I know, right? So polite.
But seriously, if you don't, you'll get an earful. Ear. Full. 

This is for my brothers, Jason and James. That last week in Seattle was
COLD, and we would find these in the neighborhood and burn
them to heat the house. Don't worry, I think only about 60% of them
were chemically treated. At least, that's what it tasted like...

They're building a new subway line up 2nd Ave on the UES.
Hectic as all get out. 

This made me think of my Momma on my first walk
back in the city. :) We were in the park by the
Mayor's mansion, and this guy looked like
he was peeking out at people instead of
getting ready to illuminate.

I seriously saw a girl jamming down 1st Ave
on some rollerblades.
No. Fear.

Found this situation in a bathroom. Curious for sure, and
I was so completely into it. 

Staying cozy in the lobby, waiting to walk some more dogs.

This is Lola. And I love her. She tap dances when she pees.

This is Puppy. I also love her. She is probably the sweetest
dog I have ever met and likes to stick her tongue
INSIDE of my nose to that she can...clean all
the grit off my brain? I guess it's REALLY dirty.

Maggy and Riley, post-walk.
Check out the size of his paws! He's not even 3 months old. OMG.

This is Remy! I believe her to be the dog
re-incarnate of the flying nun.
She's so awesome with those big ears.  Also, she's racist.

Destination: The office

Heading home

The doors here are amazing, and one of my favorite
things this time.


Some are more committed and work out the window-box option.

First Favorite!

Jeremiyah Horizon. Beautiful boy. Says "tits" and "dammit". Sigh.

Ellexis Jolie. Lovely girl. Aspiring artist as evidenced below.

Why yes, that IS a butt taking a poo on my forearm.
Thanks for asking!

Yes, I know that, but tell me, fortune cookie, WHY ARE YOU BROWN? 
Oh, because you're CHOCOLATE, and therefore the 
BEST INVENTION EVER? Glad we got that cleared up.

Mags and I.

This... makes my stomach hurt.

Okay, more soon!


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  1. Hey Abi!,

    Glad to see your doing well! Pics look great =) I sent you those links I promised to your old work email and I don't think you ever received them so I will post them here for your enjoyment. Nathan Cokeley =)